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Hypoten The Anti-hypertensive Herbal Medicine - HYPOTEN is a 100% herbal medicine that provide natural treatment for issues related to hypertension and general debility. Further, the presence of unique formula helps in bringing the blood pressure levels to normal and also provide relief from body weakness. The presence of herbal ingredients in the Ayurvedic medicine 'Hypoten' have been used for centuries in providing vital support in ensuring normal functioning of body.

The constitution also supports in controlling Hypertension which is resultant of high blood pressure and is caused because of lifestyle changes related to:

Losing weight
Dietary changes
Stress reduction

This natural treatment for hypertension helps in bringing blood pressure values to normal range that can lead to major risk factors like:

Heart disease
Congestive heart failure
Impaired vision
Kidney disease

With the increase in blood pressure, the above mentioned risks increases tremendously. With the herbs in HYPOTEN containing antioxidant properties, it supports in reducing inflammation in arteries & veins and also in strengthening them and thereby reducing the risk. Other than this, it also helps in significantly reducing. We ship Hypoten in discreet package with tracking code available. Quality is fully guaranteed and we offer support in business hours from Monday to Friday.